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British comedian John Oliver has urged New Zealanders to vote for a flag design which features a singing egg and an explosion. He instead highlighted some of the other flag submissions, including Eggsplosioncreated by Canterbury's Jeong Hyuk Fidan. The accompanying caption says: "Because New Zealanders like eggs and explosions are cool.

Oliver declared Fidan's to be the best flag design. Oliver, who has previously mocked New Zealand's flag debatealso mentioned the numerous flag designs featuring the kiwi, which he said "looks less like a bird and more like a dumb fat mouse who got its face stuck on a straw". He took a shine to a flag featuring a kiwi shooting green laser beams from its eyes, titled Fire the Lazar! The title is New Zealand's true nature 6th grade science cells worksheets it looks like a very confused child's depiction of where they think babies come from.

New Zealand is regularly lampooned by Oliver on his show, which reaches an audience of about one million in the United States and millions more on YouTube. Prime Minister John Key made it onto the show in April for his ponytail-pulling antics, as did fellow minister Steven Joyce last Septemberfor his "pretty legal" defence over the National Party's use of a song that sounded like Eminem.

John Oliver names his favourite New Zealand flag design.

New Zealand Flag John Oliver last week tonight

Satirist John Oliver has reviewed the final 40 flag options on his weekly show and concluded they were "pretty boring". John Oliver often targets New Zealand on his satirical show.The first season, which aired inis set in s West Auckland. The Almighty Jonhnsons is a fantasy comedy-drama show that aired from and The Cult was an ambitious, albeit short-lived, TV series that screened in and has been broadcast in Australia, Spain, Portugal and Poland.

At the time the show was billed as a New Zealand alternative to the US hit Lostonly without the confusing twists and turns. The story follows a group of people as they try to save their loved ones from a mysterious cult known as the Two Gardens.

This detective drama series is set in the fictitious country town of Brokenwood. Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd is sent from Auckland into the town to investigate a local police officer. As his first murder investigation in Brokenwood comes to a conclusion, Shepherd decides to stay on indefinitely.

The Brokenwood Mysteries premiered in and was renewed for a fourth season in Australian-Kiwi comedy-drama series Words is about a widowed father, George Turner, who decides to quit his job as a newspaper columnist in Sydney and relocate to a remote New Zealand town. He impulsively buys a property over the Internet, and has to break the news about the fresh start to his grieving kids. The series ran for three seasons from to Nothing Trivial followed five friends, all in their 30s and 40s, who meet and compete against each other in a weekly pub quiz.

As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that these mates have more than a simple weekly tradition in common — in fact, they have the unfortunate shared characteristic of being unlucky in love.

The series first aired in and screened for three seasons. Go Girls first aired in New Zealand in and enjoyed a successful five-season run until Even though the tale has an obvious female domination, the first episode starts with a twist: a male narration. The series also begins with the friends making a promise that they will each make life-changing decisions by the end of the year. This mockumentary-style comedy offers a satirical take on popular reality TV shows like The Bachelor.

It follows two metrosexual Maori men who can only claim the hefty inheritance their grandmother left them by finding themselves a Maori bride. In order to succeed, the two men have to get in touch with their cultural roots in a way they have never done before.

Kiwi Kids Review The New Zealand Flag

Step Dave was a two-season comedy-drama which aired in and In the first episode of the series, Dave rescues single mum Cara from a disastrous blind date that ends in a sprained ankle — right then and there, he decides he has met the woman of his dreams.

Select currency. New Zealand is always innovating when it comes to TV shows. Whether you like a bit of crime, drama or comedy, the country has created an ample amount of series for the keenest of spectators.

Outrageous Fortune. The Almighty Johnsons. The Cult. The Brokenwood Mysteries. Nothing Trivial. Go Girls. Find Me A Maori Bride. Step Dave. Read Next.These feathers are still believed to hold high heritage value in present times. European settlers took a little longer to show fondness for this peculiar little bird.

The kiwi actually caught European attention in after the its skin ended up in the hands of British Museum zoologist George Shaw. Upon inspection, Shaw created his own artistic impression of the bird in question — which, in truth, was closer aligned to that of a penguin.

Byhowever, more was known about this curious creature — and London Zoo became the first place outside of New Zealand to house a living kiwi. The female bird spent 15 years alone in this strange new environment, as hundreds of little spotted kiwi in her homeland were slaughtered for their soft, grey pelts.

nz flag comedy

Blomfield which showed a plucky kiwi as it transformed into a moa — an extinct native bird species which, at the time, was deemed to be much tougher than its smaller companion. This time, the bird was shown to be struggling to swallow their adversary. Also inan image of a kiwi and a kangaroo on their way to a colonial conference featured in the Westminster Gazette. Bythe kiwi had replaced other commonly-used symbolic images to become the key emblem for national cartoons — especially in the sporting arena.

Before that, the moa, fern leaves, a boy and a lion cub were the main images that depicted the New Zealand identity. Before the First World War, the kiwi bird was primarily a representation of New Zealand as a whole — but not its people. That being said, the use of a kiwi as a military symbol can actually be traced as far back aswhen it was adopted by the South Canterbury Battalion.

This description was believed not to come out of any kind of physical attribute, but rather the stature and good-mannered nature of New Zealand soldiers.

The kiwi was also the nickname of choice for the sole reason that it was unique to the country.

New Zealand's new flag: 15 quirky contenders

Since then, the kiwi continued to flourish as a local icon. When the first New Zealand currency was released inthe bird became one its most prominent features — appearing in the two-shilling coin as well as the ten-shilling and one-pound notes.

From the s until the s, the kiwi earned full recognition as a patriotic symbol. As government services were privatised, a Kiwi Share for taxpayers was introduced. After the Golden Kiwi Lottery ceased operations inthe game Instant Kiwi became its replacement. Ina government-owned financial institution called Kiwibank was created. Select currency. Why are New Zealanders Called Kiwis? Why exactly are New Zealanders known as Kiwis?R min Action, Adventure, Comedy.

Local goon, Gerry, hires a yellow mini in Kaitaia using a stolen license. John's wife has just left him and moved to Invercargill. He is devastated and needs to talk to her. He has no Votes: 1, Unrated min Adventure, Drama, History. Ina Maori warrior working with the British finds his village massacred, and vows revenge. Votes: Not Rated 87 min Comedy, Drama. Set on the east coast of New Zealand inBoy, an year-old child and devout Michael Jackson fan, gets a chance to know his absentee criminal father, who has returned to find a bag of money he buried years ago.

R min Crime, Drama. A family descended from Maori warriors is bedeviled by a violent father and the societal problems of being treated as outcasts. The population of a small town disappears and is replaced by aliens that chase human flesh for their intergalactic fast-food chain. Votes: 42, Not Rated 97 min Comedy, Romance. Four raucous Samoans are banned from their best friend's wedding. To get in, they have to prove themselves as mature individuals by getting and keeping girlfriends.

R min Drama, Music, Romance. In the midth century, a mute woman is sent to New Zealand along with her young daughter and prized piano for an arranged marriage to a wealthy landowner, but is soon lusted after by a local worker on the plantation.Coronavirus: the symptoms.

Read our LIVE updates on the coronavirus here. Jacinda Ardern said a pay cut was one way ministers and herself could "take action" to close the gap between groups of people across New Zealand.

She said: "Today I can confirm that myself, Government ministers and public service chief executives will take a 20 per cent pay cut for the next six months as we acknowledge New Zealanders who are reliant on wage subsidies, taken pay cuts and are losing their jobs as a result of Covid 's global pandemic.

Ms Ardern's move comes after the leader of one of New Zealand's smaller parties, David Seymour of ACT, had said he would bring forward legislation for all the country's MPs to have their pay cut. Speaking at a press conference, Ms Ardern added: "Of course many people in our public sector are our frontline essential workers, nurses, police, health care professionals, we are not suggesting pay cuts here and nor would New Zealanders find that appropriate.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that the pay cut wouldn't in itself "shift the Government's overall fiscal position" but said the move was about "leadership". The country recorded just 17 new cases of the virus on Tuesday, bringing the total to 1, There were also four new deaths, the worst day yet on that measure, bringing the total number of deaths to nine.

New Zealand MPs will decide early next week what will happen after an initial four-week lockdown ends on April You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Please wait Food for London. Future London. The Londoner. The Reader. Matthew d'Ancona. Ayesha Hazarika. Rohan Silva. Ellen E Jones. Laura Weir.

Tottenham Hotspur. Crystal Palace. West Ham. Transfer News. Premier League. Champions League. Rugby Union. Horse Racing. A List. ES Magazine. Staying In. TV reviews.New Zealand's flag saga has made it on to global television screens, with a shout-out on one of the world's biggest comedy shows. Sheldon, regarded as the lead nerd in the show about scientists, chastises a broken-hearted caller with a quip on the referendum, saying, "You know what's not normal?

Blubbering about emotions during a flag show". We're rooting for ya. Forecast Maps. Show Ad Close Ad. New Zealand. North America. What you need to know straight to your inbox, 7am every weekday morning. You're all set to receive the Morning Briefing.

Govt to reveal what Level 3 restrictions will mean for New Zealanders. Southland man dies from injuries suffered in stag attack. Kiwi in Singapore warns lifting lockdown too early could prompt cases to surge. More Kiwis have recovered from Covid than are infected.

nz flag comedy

Winston Peters: Border restrictions could be relaxed for 'trans-Tasman bubble' during pandemic. Regional leaders advocate for businesses to reopen under Level 3. Millions vote in South Korea despite Covid outbreak.A shepherd.

How does every Kiwi joke start? By looking over your shoulder. Whats the difference between a smart Kiwi and a unicorn? Nothing, they're both fictional characters What's the difference between New Zealand and a tea bag? The tea bag stays in the cup longer. What do you call a Kiwi in the knockout stages of the World Cup? A Referee. Why was Chris Wood speeding?

nz flag comedy

To get three points. What time was it when the monster ate the New Zealand prime minister? Eight P. What do you call the useless piece of skin on a cock? A kiwi. Why aren't the New Zealand football team allowed to own a dog? Because they can't hold on to a lead. Why does New Zealand have some of the fastest race horses in the world? Because the horses have seen what they do with their sheep.

What time does Marina Erakovic got to bed? What do two kiwi's say after breaking up? Lets just be cousins. Why do the Kiwi's make better lovers than the Aussies? Because Kiwi's are the only one's who can stay on top for 45 minutes and still come second. Did you hear about the winner of the New Zealand beauty contest?

Me neither. Whats the difference between Cinderella and the New Zealand rugby team? Cinderella wanted to get to the ball What is a Kiwi's defense in court? Why wasn't Jesus born in New Zealand?

He couldn't find 3 wise men or a virgin. The kiwi chewing the gum asked the auzzie if they eat bread in australia, The auzzie said "Of course, we eat the inside of the bread and take the outside and recycle it then make cereal with it for kiwis. Walking Down The Street One morning, two Kiwis are strolling down an Auckland street, when they see a stray dog licking its own testicles. One of the Englishmen turns to the other and says, "Say, I wish I could do that!

But don't you think you ought to get to know him first? Paddy has an idea, he takes the 50 cents of Sean, goes to a butchers and buys a sausage.

Sean is really pissed off at first that Paddy spent their last money on a sausage, but Paddy lets him in on his plan. The barmaid is disgusted by the sight and kicks the two out. Paddy says: "see it works, we didn't pay did we? In the 12th pub, both are quite drunk by now, Sean isn't looking to good.

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